Sato Electronics

Yamashiro Hot Springs, Ishikawa, Japan   Nov 3rd, 1982

We invited our most honorary customers to the International Machine Tool Show in Japan

Party with Dr. Saita at the Yaskawa Co., Ltd. Tokyo factory

YASNAC controls always make the best finish because of the SFG: Saita Function Generator
No saw tooth D/A converter output developerd by Dr. Nobuo Saita (2rd from the left)
Ex. Vice Presifdent of Yaskawa Electeric Co., Ltd.   Deceeded May 31, 2003

Party with Mitch and us, 1990?

Mitch, General Manager of FANUC USA, Ryu and me

Fairwell party for Mr. Goto from Matsuura Machine Co.

Mike Fujita, President of FANUC Europe (left)

Mr. Ryu Mitoh really built Yaskawa in U.S.
Ex-Vice President of of Yaskawa Electric America (Right)

Yaskawa golf tournament. Chicago, IL 1991

Playing golf with Mr. Matsuura Sr. & Mr. Kawakami at Red Tail G. C. Devens, MA 2008

Mr. Kawakami "Shoji" who is the first Matsuura engineer stationed in US
Installed the first 120 Matsuura machines through out the US. Mr Matsuura deceeded Jan. 23rd, 2015

Party with Nakamura guys at Japanese pub in Kanazawa 11/25/2015
Yasushi Yokono,Mike Nambu,Joe Kamitani,Me,Yuji Moto,Mr. Kuratani,Mr. Homma
 Nick Kameda  , Mark Miyazaki  , Jundi Ohyama  , Mr. Kamino

Just fixed $3 million doller TCI twin cutter head VTL with ATC♦ 11/18/2010

100HP Spindle drive - Milling with C-axis - 120" Table at the floor level
Twin City Machine Inc. Westminster, MA   Photo by the co-owner Mr. Brian Morin

Just fixed $2 million SNK bridge machine at Twin City Machine 12/12/2015
Photo by the Shop Manager: Mr. Joeseph Quinn

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